/Womenure, a healthtech startup, raises the bar in holistic healing: By Women For Women


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Sabina Ahuja Head of Marketing

Womenure, an online health, wellness and beauty company, believes that every woman is an epicentre of any family’s wellbeing and prosperity and, therefore, Cure for Women, becomes an imperative to any social system. And, in the busy times that women live today, they need online consultations, quick healing and doorstep medications that are safe and side-effect free. Womenure has been investing time and money in building a beautiful platform that connects women patients to women doctors for instant online consultations focussed at overall holistic healing through modern homeopathy across multiple specialities such as skin & beauty, hair & scalp, sexual health, mental health, pregnancy, anti-ageing and more.

The idea is to help women patients search for a preferred lady doctor or the platform will suggest one depending on the ailment. Women can book an online consultation for 30 minute slots at a convenient time when a doctor can call and take up the symptoms with assured privacy. The doctor will then review the case, curate constitutional medicines and dispatch them to the patient’s address. One can also choose a suitable treatment plan ranging from 15 day course to a 3 month plan. The whole process eliminates the friction of visiting a clinic for follow ups, waiting in the queues or driving to a pharmacy especially when one needs a long term treatment to eliminate the illness from the root cause. Womenure, however, acknowledges that quality of empanelled doctors is the key to success and will be more important than the quantity. It therefore spends much time in training and certifying the doctors before they are enlisted on the platform.

The core aspiration is to educate women in all age groups about benefits of alternative medicines in treating acute and chronic ailments for a lifetime cure. Not all women know, that, alternative medicines work on treating the root cause of an illness rather than suppressing the cause and helps in reducing reliance on anti-biotics, other drugs and suppressants which can affect a woman’s overall lifestyle in future. Womenure seems to be an upcoming game changer on how holistic healthcare is being perceived and consumed by women in the context of all non-emergency conditions that can be cured online. It also plans to venture into other alternative sciences in the near future and leverage them to strengthen women’s overall health, wellness and beauty.