/Girls! it’s indeed the time to sparkle: Wish for that natural, youthful and radiant skin


Written by

Dr. Monika Mehra B.H.M.S, M.D.

Beauty is one of your greatest assets and it’s believed to originate from the inside. On the outside, you reflect what you are on the inside and so it’s true with the glow that comes from the beauty you carry from within. Some women are gifted naturally with an ever glowing and flawless skin but you know you will blame their genes for that. However for those who feel not so blessed, can always set milestones in getting to what they had always wished for by following a holistic lifestyle. Skin, generally glows & reflects light when the surface below is smooth and clear. Likewise, when too many dead cells keep piling on the skin, it becomes dull & loses its shine topped up to worse when spending much time and money on consultations, cosmetics & make ups. We, at Womenure, always encourage women to peep into our health articles to learn more on how to get those skin glows and shines.

  • Start following a regular routine for physical exercise. Good exercise routine gives you good skin. Exercise increases the blood supply to your face thus making it more glowing & rosy. Same way breathing exercises increases the circulation to your skin.
  • Always keep your skin hydrated & nourished. Drinking plenty of water & fluids also helps in getting you the required moisturise.
  • Balanced nutritious diet also makes your skin look healthier. It is generally said that you are what you eat. Too much caffeine, alcohol or smoking damages your skin elastin & collagen thus your skin becomes sagged giving you an elderly look.
  • Adequate & sound sleep can make you look more glowing as skin gets rejuvenated when you sleep or you can say your skin gets repaired itself that time. But remember to stay away from the gadgets when you are sleeping.
  • Keep your hormones balanced and in control if you know what we mean. A healthy & satisfied sexual life increase oestrogen levels in women and that very circulation surely helps in getting your mechanics in order. It also increases the collagen production in the skin that makes you less prone to wrinkles, hence, making you look and feel more youthful.
  • Reduce stress & anxiety from your routine. Too much worrying or anxiety will only start your ageing process and makes you look older. You can reduce your stress by following natural steps such as yoga, meditation or indulging into your favourite hobbies.

There are many alternative treatments or homeopathic remedies which are found to be very effective in treating skin problems such as acne, scars, dull complexions etc. that can get you that look you are aspiring for. You can always get in touch with one of our holistic medicine experts at Womenure for all your skin and beauty related ailments or feel free to book an appointment with our online doctors anytime, anywhere.