/ Hair & Scalp

Hair is an emblem of beauty ever since ancient times and it always enhance your beauty, gives you confidence and makes you look a lot younger. Healthy hair and their scalp are directly related and when take care of holistically, can yield desired results.

In order to help you get healthy hair and a nourished scalp, our doctors and researchers have put together trending hair and scalp issues that are on the large today. These common ailments sometimes take quite a toll on your personal happiness and beauty index. Whilst you remain too busy in your modern lifestyles to worry about these issues, we decided to onboard doctors who can cure these conditions online and have excellence in prescribing holistic and constitutional medicines that have potency to treat these ailments from their root causes.

To get an instant online consultation, simply Book an Appointment with a doctor of your choice or we will suggest you one on your checkout. You will also be able to choose a treatment plan with prescribed medicines delivered to you at your doorstep.