At Womenure, virtual appointments refer to booking an appointment online and consulting with a doctor without leaving your home. It allows you to pick any convenient day and time when a doctor can call you back to take up your case. Our booking management system allows you to view and edit your appointments online in addition to many other personalized features. As people are getting hard pressed with time, they are increasingly choosing virtual appointments to avoid driving to the clinics and waiting in the queues saving a lot of valuable time and money.
We have carefully designed multiple treatment plans to suit large categories of patients and their families seeking holistic cure for their health, wellness and beauty problems. All our treatment plans are available on a single page with transparency of cost and features. You can visit our treatment plans page and easily compare between four different packages. Now, depending on your budget, type of ailment and need for medicines, you can simply click any one of the plans and proceed to checkout.
Yes, it is important that you sign up if you are a first time user or login if you already have an account before booking an appointment. Signing up extends you a lot of benefits and access to personalized features such as managing your appointments, tracking your medicine deliveries, downloading your prescriptions, viewing your invoices and keeping a true record of your health history. We also encourage you keep your personal details updated for better, faster and efficient consultations because our online doctors always read your profile before calling you.
Yes, you can choose a free consultation option from our treatment plans page and pick any convenient day and time to consult with an online doctor. This option is only useful if you are not able to choose a suitable treatment plan for yourself and need a quick advice from a doctor. However, free consultations lasts for only 10 minutes and do not include medications. Therefore, we have designed a package for starters with a very minimal cost that includes medications, delivery charges and one detailed consultation for up to 30 minutes.
We accept mostly all payment modes. You can choose to make an online payment either through debit cards, credit cards, e-wallets or directly initiate a bank transfer by following the instructions on the payments page. We do not encourage cash payments however if you still wish to make one, please select cash as payment method. However, you will have to call us and share a reference number with one of our team members to tag the payment process your order.
Yes, all transactions undertaken at are secured with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol. When you are processing your payment on the website, SSL helps protect your personal and financially sensitive information whilst keeping the data secured. We follow defined standards of PCIDSS guidelines for data storage, privacy and confidentiality. In addition, we do not share any financial information whatsoever with our employees or any third parties.
We have designed simple and seamless treatment plans with cost and features clearly visible on our treatment plans page. You can read and select a plan that suits your need. However, if you still need help, you can always choose a free consultation plan that offers a quick and no obligation consultation with one of our doctors to help you decide on a suitable plan and right course of treatment for your ailment. Also, you can leave a message on our Contact Us page and someone from our team would love to get in touch with you.
We encourage you to carefully study a suitable treatment plan, a convenient appointment slot and make the payment. We are not able to change the treatment plan or make any refunds against payments already made, however, if you are not able to attend to your consultation on a given slot, you can login to visit your My Profile page, select My Appointments to locate the one in question. You will be able to cancel or reschedule your appointment. The cancelled appointments will have to be rescheduled within 2 weeks from the date when you made the payment depending on availability of the doctor.
Personalized Treatments is a very simple but unique feature at Womenure where we assign an expert doctor to you once you have chosen a suitable treatment plan and made the payment. This doctor will study your symptoms, your case history and health profile before calling you (subject to you updating your personal profile). You will be able to interact with your doctor virtually with assured privacy from anytime, anywhere whilst you only have to wait for your medicines to arrive within 24 working hours. Moreover, because we love digital and therefore, we love personalization, all your details like previous consultations, online prescriptions and digital invoices will be available to you in your my profile section.
Our paid consultations depend on type of treatment plan you have chosen whilst we also offer a 5 minutes free feel consultation with no obligation policy for new comers seeking to test the waters or find out the right treatment plan after consulting with a doctor. However, our paid consultations can typically last from somewhere between 10 to 20 minutes depending on type and complexity of your ailments. You will not be able to exceed any consultation beyond 20 minutes in which the doctor will cover a wide range of questionnaire to aim and cure your disease.
Yes, you can register on behalf of your children or other family members. The process of registration is similar to the process of registering for your own self. If you are first time user, you can simply choose a suitable treatment plan, proceed for signup, enter your mobile number, verify with an OTP and enter accurate patient details. The doctor will call on the mobile number shared during the process of registration. However, if you are an existing user and would like to add another member to your profile/mobile number, you will need to login and following on-screen instructions by clicking add another member button in your My Profile section.
In some cases, doctors can ask you to upgrade your treatment plan because you have chosen a shorter duration course for medicines and they feel taking a longer duration course would eliminate the disease from its root and ofcourse, a longer course is more value for money. However, it’s completely your choice to upgrade now or continuously keep renewing the plan. In case you wish to upgrade, you will need to select the new plan as advised by the doctor, proceed to checkout and let us know. We will update your account and refund the earlier payment.
If you were offered more than one consultation in your purchased treatment plan and you would like to avail a pending consultation, you will need to login into your account, select the order you are referring to and you will see pending consultations attached to the same order. You can click Avail Now button, follow on-screen instructions and proceed to book an appointment. Your doctor will be notified and will call you on a chosen day and time. In case you find any difficulties locating anything pertaining to an existing order, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.
We are an end to end holistic healthcare company and therefore, once you have finished your consultation with an expert doctor, he/she will analyze your symptoms, study your case history, prepare your medicines and dispatch them to your delivery address. You will receive a personalized and beautifully curated Cure Box just for you with beautifully curated bottles loaded with pills to cure your disease. The Cure Box is very thoughtfully designed to keep your medicines safe, portable and visible with instructions on how to consume your dosages so you never forget to take your medicines on time.
Once you have completed an online consultation, the doctor will analyze your symptoms, study your case history and prepare your medicines. Once this process is complete, you will be able to view your prescription in your My Profile section as soon as the doctor uploads it. The standard instructions and precautions are also visible in your My Profile Section whereas personalized instructions on consuming your dosage will be printed on your Cure Box that not only keeps your medicines safe, portable and visible but also reminds you to take your medicines on time, every time.
It usually takes not more than 24 working hours for the medicines to arrive at your doorstep depending on the correctness of the address, serviceable pin codes, your location and the location from where the doctor is dispatching your Cure Box. The delivery target times begin from the point when doctor notifies the logistics company that the medicines are ready for pick up. The good news is that you can now view progress of your order and track delivery completely online.
Yes, you can change the delivery address after placing an order by visiting My Profile section, open the order you are referring you or is in progress and click edit/update delivery address. However, this is only possible before the medicines are ready and delivery labels are printed. Unfortunately, we are not able to change the delivery address once the order has been booked with the logistics company for pickup because the entire process is online. Therefore, we encourage you to add an appropriate delivery address during placing an order or update it within the same day of placing an order.
Renewing your treatment plan has become easier like never before. We strongly recommend that you visit My Profile section, view an ongoing or more recent order and select Renew button. It will take you to Treatment Plans page so you can downgrade or upgrade your plan depending on your symptoms, recovery and health progress before proceeding for payment and selecting the next appointment with your doctor for a follow up. In some cases, where your plan has expired, you can directly go to, visit treatment plans page to select a plan, you will be asked to login and proceed.
We have aspired to answer most frequently asked questions in this section and these are usually common questions to help you navigate through the website and help you with immediate answers to your questions. But, we do understand we may not have covered what you are looking for and therefore, a dedicated section is available to you to get in touch with us or a get a call back arranged. Please visit our Contact Us page and quickly enter your name, number & message, someone from our team would love to get back to you.